promote me?

 •only if i follow you


•only if we follow eachother , just ask

follow me?

• that’s really rude to ask , just ask me to check out your blog

do you follow back?

• yes, if i like the blog

check out my blog?

• of course!

vote for me?

• sure, just ask!

what’s your theme?

•  liberation by final-stand

why did you unfollow me?

• you changed your style and i don`t like it anymore

where do you get your pictures from?

• usually pinterest, if anything belogs to you message me so i’ll delete it.

what does απώλεια mean?

• Ιt means loss.

what does m-avro mean?

Mavro. Μαύρο. It means black in greek x

(if you have any more questions, feel free to message me)

P.S.: I also have the unfollower checker , so don’t even bother ;)